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The Hungarian Crop Protection Association (hereinafter: HuCPA) was set up on 2 June 2004 from the members of the earlier Pesticide Industry Professional Association.

The main objective of HuCPA is to protect the professional/technical interest of companies of manufacturers and/or importers of plant protection products (hereinafter: PPPs) registered for this activity in Hungary.

As an associate member, HuCPA joined to the European Crop Protection Association (hereinafter. ECPA) in November 2005.

Objectives and tasks of HuCPA is to

  • represent professional/technical interests of manufacturers of PPPs and their representations registered in Hungary
  • conclude agreements and contacts among the members
  • pay attention to domestic and foreign processes of development, production, trade and economics and, on this basis, provide information to members
  • provide services, in compliance with the members’ common interests
  • initiate, coordinate and organise common actions in all issues raised in order to enforce members’ common interest, such as:
  1. representation of professional interest in legislation and with bodies acting officially,
  2. with national and international associations, institutions – on behalf of and commissioned by its members – concluding and performing contractual contacts (eg. ECPA)
  3. operating information and monitoring systems supporting the general interests of the industry
  4. providing information to the general public on the activity of industry, including knowledge on the scientific progress of products, application of the products, with particular attention to agriculture, public health and the environment

HuCPA promote

  • harmonisation of Hungarian and European legislation on authorisation, manufacturing, formulation, packaging, distribution, labelling and application of PPPs.
  • reasonable and safe application of PPPs on agricultural lands, including the principles of integrated pest management and safeguarding of the quality of the environment.
  • safe handling and use of PPPs

Organizational Structure


HuCPA’s decision-making body is the General Assembly. A 5-member presidency, elected for 3 years, is responsible for the performance of the General Assembly’s decisions.


Gyula Kovács (DuPont)

Members of presidency:

Tibor  Czigány (Syngenta)
Sándor Herpai (Arysta)
Christoph Hofmann (BASF)
Péter Tora (Bayer)

Managing Director:

Gábor Szalkai

Regarding the interests of pesticide industry, the General Assembly of HuCPA shall create
Committees, while the presidency shall create ad hoc Committees.
Interest protection is granted by experts designated by the partner companies and is handled
within the Technical and Commercial Committees set up by the General Assembly.

President of the Technical Committee is Elvira Kratancsik (Bayer), president of the Commercial Committee is Sándor Herpai (Arysta).

In addition to strict observance of criteria on research, development and production (including environmental protection), the HuCPA members are responsible for the circumstances of placing on the market and use of PPPs.




Code of conduct (pdf file, 150 KByte)

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