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Date(s) - 2018.10.29 - 2018.10.30
Egész napos

AGES Conference Centre



(29th to 30th October 2018, Vienna, Austria) 

Main Topics and Subtopics (Preliminary Draft)


1st day    29th October 2018 (Monday)

Session I   Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 Current Issues

(evaluation of active substances after Brexit; REFIT Programme – needs for ammendments of Regulation 1107/2009; Article 34 and 43; low risk substances; minor uses; seed treatment; …)


Session II   Directive 2009/128/EC Current Issues

(activities of the Working Group on SUD of HFAA – former FVO; harmonization of risk indicators; …)


2nd day    30th October 2017 (Tuesday)

Session III   Official Inspections

(practical experiences on the control of PPPs placed on the market and law enforcement; activities of the Working Group on PPPs Enforcement (Art. 68) and Working Group on Formulation Labs of HFAA – former FVO; national laws adaptation to Regulation (EU) 2017/625 on official controls; …)

Session IV   Other International, Regional and Countries Issues in the Relation to Plant

                     Protection Products since CEUREG Forum XXI.

(progres reports on the PPPs regulation in the EU membership candidates, potential candidates to EU and other CEUREG  Region countries; …)